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A set of educational tasks or chores assigned to the students by their school and college teachers is termed as an assignment. Assignments require the proper engagement of students and their efforts so that they can achieve good grades. These are considered as the tangible products by which teachers can assess what the pupils know and do not know. Assignments represent the most general ways to evaluate the learning capabilities of the students. The assessment done by the teachers can either be formative or summative ones. There are many types of assignments which are used to demonstrate the high-order thinking abilities of a student. It also develops other necessary and significant skills like writing skills, collaborative skills, presentation skills, research skills, and the interpersonal skills. Assignments can be in the forms of essays, oral presentations, research or term papers, laboratory reports, case studies, and other academic project works. Assignments and homework are easier than conducting examinations. They also do not consume much time. But with the pros also comes to the cons, this is why assignments are sometimes less effectual for the preliminary level content. They take up a lot of time of the students and also require the additional sources of information.
Assignments and homework are always boring for the pupils. They encounter a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges are:

  1. Some students come late and miss their classes, this is why they are not able to concentrate on their studies and they face problems in completing their homework.
  2. Students do not seek assistance from their teachers when needed.
  3. Students do not know how to research and they even do not do the preliminary reading.
  4. When students sit to write their assignments, they are not able to apply the concepts that they have learned.

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  1. 100% unique work: We guarantee that you will be provided with 100% plagiarism-free work. Before sending the final draft, our team ensures that it is checked twice by the plagiarism scanners.
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  3. 100% confidentiality: We respect the integrity of our clients and we will keep all the details confidential.
  4. Low-cost: We provide high-quality assignments at very low prices because we know students do not have much pocket money.

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