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The Assignment is a piece of work that is entrusted by the teacher to the students to submit within a particular period of time. An assignment should be a meaningful one so that the students acquire knowledge from it. The Assignment is some kind of a task which is given to the student and it needs to be completed outside the classroom. It should be meaningful. Assignment is quite effective for the students. Following are some of the importance of assignment-

  1. Teachers should point out clearly and concisely what the students are supposed to do and what is to be done.
  2. To guide the student in a proper manner so that it makes their study effective.
  3. To make them realize actually why they should do the work on.
  4. To create the positive view toward the performance of the work assigned to the students.
  5. To anticipate their difficulties and always help them overcome it.
  6. To provide all the necessary information to the students this will help them in completing the task.

Students should have the habit of writing an assignment which will help increase their analytical skills. Students must have a clear knowledge of the topic assigned to them. A student must give his own opinion the topic instructed to be written.
But unfortunately it can be seen that the students are struggling with assignment writing task. They are very confused to choose a proper format. Moreover due to too much competition student are always in hurry to complete their assignment without understanding the content. Hence, Competitive nature is good enough to bring the best in a student but over competition can also ruin them. Rushing to submit the assignment at 11th hour will also lead a student to lose his grade. Because a teacher always gives some amount of time to the student to complete the assignment but without taking that opportunity of time they are always in a hurry to submit it without revising once.
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