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Dissertation writing is a kind of task that is to be done in the academic life .A particular format has to be followed while writing the dissertation. It is particularly a lengthy essay which is to be written at the university level to get a PhD degree, master degree etc. It is formal document which is always in writing. To get the final degree in academic life dissertation writing is compulsory. It signifies the technical, empirical skill of the student. Very often it has been seen that dissertation is submitted by the students on a particular subject of interest. So that he can explore the subject in the depth, manage to apply the entire necessary research tool required. Dissertation can be explained as a subject of discipline because it has to be done with patience concentration and in particular format. Student should first decide the topic and its title and then start research work on it as a good researcher may always became a good scholar. Dissertation writing is quite hard, sometimes it take years to complete it. The topic upon which the researcher is going to submit the dissertation must be a formal one. It should be a valid one. Students may be penalised in case of copyright. No single content should be copied from the original works.
But still students seem to be struggling around with dissertation writing. Students make the format like an essay as well as fail to choose the right format. They do not understand the primary and secondary source and face a problem while exploring the subject. They do not apply the proper research tool which they are suppose to. The reason is that they are not guided properly by their supervisor. Sometimes they end up using informal words. They are not aware of using the footnotes. Most of the times, it is found that the content is a plagiarized one. Due to non-availability of experts to guide students in writing dissertation they end up with achieving low grade in academic life.
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