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A structured piece of write-up which is generally given to the students so that they can earn their academic degree is termed as a dissertation. The dissertation is generally in response to a thesis, a topic or a question and also develops a rational argument about that particular thesis. Typically, it is very longer than essay writing and it is divided into various chapters. The dissertation covers the same ground as of essays but it is written specifically for a subject matter and it investigates that area in larger details. In a dissertation, students have to choose their own topic. Universities and supervisors give a great emphasis on the methodology of the dissertation and how the students will carry out the research. It is vitally significant to consider the moral principles of the research project, specifically if the student is using the primary sources of information. The format of dissertation generally includes the abstract, a comprehensive introduction, methodology, literature review, results and findings, discussions, and the conclusion. The dissertation or research project is most likely to be the most significant piece of write-up that the students have to do, and it will contribute to the final grades as well. The dissertations are generally seen as a way to indicate the abilities of the students as a researcher.
Writing a dissertation is a very intimidating task for the students and they face a number of issues while composing their dissertation. Since the students have to complete and submit their research project on time, therefore they find it very daunting. It is problematic for the pupils when they are told to do independent research on the topic of their dissertation. Many students do not have good writing skills and they also are not much fluent in English. So, their write-up is full of errors in spellings and grammar. They do not even proofread their dissertations and then get low grades.
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