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The elucidations of processes to gather, systematize, scrutinize, and figure out the numerical facts and figure is termed as statistics. Statistics is classified into two forms, i.e. inferential and descriptive. The inferential form of statistics encompasses the ways and means by which students can design in order to draw findings from the secured data. The descriptive form of statistics is one which implicates the processes of generating, visualization, and also summarizing the appropriate data from the facts and figures. Statistics conveys methods to:

  1. Design: It means to bring up the data and utilize the important lessons of research.
  2. Describe: It means to investigate and recapitulate all the significant data.
  3. Inference: It means to create the estimations and also take a broad range of circumstances distinguished by the information.

In addition to this, statistics is the science which encompasses the unstipulated circumstances and events. There is one common myth which goes around with this subject is that it can be practiced only by gaining the perceptions about this subject but it isn’t true. The information of statistics is very significant but it is not the only thing that the pupils need to know about. Nowadays, this subject is not making any sense to the pupils because the framework of the course outline is out of perceptions.
When a pupil is allocated the statistics homework and assignments, he/she stumbles upon incalculable glitches. Despite the efforts of the students, they are not able to achieve academic success and their performance has also come down. Further are some of the issues that are faced by the students these days:

  1. This subject comprises of many concepts and topics which necessitates extra information in contradiction to the other subjects.
  2. Students do not have apt study material to complete homework of this subject.
  3. Students also face difficulties in maintaining composure and often get disturbed because of the never-ending calculations.

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